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  • Course Fees : 3000.00 5000.00/-
  • Course Duration : 6 MONTHS
  • Minimum Amount To Pay : Rs.300.00

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Computing

- Understanding the Basics of Computers

- Overview of Computer Hardware and Software

- Operating System Fundamentals

- File Management and Organization

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Word

  - Document Creation and Formatting

  - Page Layout and Styles

  - Document Collaboration and Review

Microsoft Excel

  - Spreadsheet Basics

  - Formulas and Functions

  - Data Visualization

Microsoft PowerPoint

  - Presentation Design and Delivery

Email Communication

- Setting up and Managing Email Accounts

- Email Etiquette and Professional Communication

- Attaching Files and Managing Attachments

- Organizing Emails and Folders

Internet Basics and Online Resources

- Web Browsing Skills

- Search Engine Optimization

- Evaluating Online Information

- Security and Privacy Considerations

Printing Techniques

- Configuring Printers and Print Settings

- Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues

- Print Management and Optimization

Review and Practical Applications

- Recap of Key Concepts

- Hands-on Exercises and Projects

- Real-world Applications of Computer Skills


- Quizzes and Exams

- Hands-on Projects (creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations)

- Email Communication Assessment

- Final Practical Exam


  • 10TH PASS